I get asked a lot, "How should I care for my leather?" Besides not scuba diving with it and not putting it through the wash, treating leather with a high quality oil or balm is the next thing on my list.

With a waxy leather already impregnated with oils, such as Horween's Chromexcel, this is less important. But if you have bridle or natural veg tanned leather goods, treating them is a necessity to keep them looking and feeling their best.

This formula was perfected in the 1980s by a friend of mine, a third generation bootmaker, and it remains the absolute best product I have found for anything leather--boots, wallets, bags, belts--you name it.

You should apply the balm with a brush or soft cloth. Frequent thin coats are better than infrequent thick ones. A little goes a long way. Unless your leather collection is really extensive, a single jar should last you a while.

Ingredients: natural hydrocarbons, lanolin, silicone, neatsfoot oil, champhor