The workmanship, the leather, the stitching, the service and the company - all are outstanding.
— Tom, Canada

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This wallet is a work of art.
— Brad, Seattle

"It's hard to convey the quality of this without seeing it/handling it. Exceptional level of workmanship and quality/feel of the leather." - Thomas, London

"One Star Leather Goods provides truly special, quality products. The simple design, paired with detailed real craftsmanship, is both elegant and strong. "
- Hillary, New Hampshire

"The wallets you craft are true wonders--genius in design, beautiful in form, simple in function, and elegant in material choice!  Holding these products in my hands, it is obvious a lot of thought, care and love of craft went into them." - Joseph, California

"This is my 12th or so purchase of your daily use art. Your designs are perfect. Beautiful, yet simple designs that totally fulfill their intended use. Your leather is of the highest quality available. Your hand workmanship is of old world, museum quality. The products are clearly heirloom items. I use mine daily and always receive compliments from those around me. After several years of field testing my earliest purchase, they look like they are brand new. No daily wear and tear is easily identifiable. I find more and more associates who just have to have one for their holiday and birthday gifts." - Jim, Albuquerque

THE PARK SLOPER wallet/notebook/pen

"Durability. If you buy the Park Sloper for nothing else, buy it for the durability. I was waiting to write my review of the Park Sloper until I had used the wallet for a few months, to see how it would hold up to the grueling life of being put into and pulled out of a pocket. But it got a much more extreme test. I absentmindedly left my Park Sloper on the roof of my car, then drove off onto one of the busiest mountain highways in Washington State. I thought I had lost it forever. Days later, I got an email. The wallet was found and traced to me by the email address in the notebook. It had been in the middle of the highway for 2 days, was even getting actively run over when the gentlemen found it. I expected the worst. Apart from a few scuffs, a destroyed pen and notebook (the only thing not made by One Star), the wallet is in perfect condition. Not a tear, not a rip, not even a frayed stitch after being bombarded by hundreds of vehicles and crushed into the pavement. This wallet is the real deal and I would never buy anything else." - Patrick, Seattle

"Items shipped and arrived very quickly. Better than described - exceptionally well made. Photos do not do this justice. I've carried a slim wallet, notebook, and pen for ages but being able to keep them all together makes them that much more useful. This has become my EDC wallet. The pictures don't show how slim this remains even with notebook, cards, and cash in the wallet. It easily disappears in an inside suit pocket or front trouser pocket. " - Robert, New Orleans

"This is a thousand times better than my highest expectations! Such a beautiful, tough, and extraordinarily useful wallet. I can't imagine ever owing another kind. Thanks!!" - Vedis, Montreal

"This piece is just flat out practical, and will more than likely be the 'go to' on a daily basis. I carry a bag daily for work, and even when I'm not working; so dropping this wallet in my outside pocket...equipped with the recommended Karas Bolt pen is a no brainer for allowing me to have all my necessities organized, with easy access." - William, Tennessee

Sometimes a product comes into your life that is just perfect. It doesn’t have to be a major technological innovation or cost thousands. This wallet is one of those things.
— Nick, Los Angeles


"Smells and feels beautiful and I can tell this wallet will last for a very long time. Perfect size as well, it is nice a slim but can still fit all the necessary cards in. This is truly a unique handmade treasure. " - Linda, Australia

"What a piece of craftsmanship. I am a perfectionist of sorts and I hate when things are a little off and this wallet has really impressed me. The stitching is top-notch as well as the cutting of the leather.  This is the kind of craftsmanship where some day a teenager will be holding this wallet and telling his friend, "yeah, this was my grandfather's wallet, and my dad said I could have it." - Darnell, Pittsburgh

"Sehr gute arbeit, ich trage es jeden tag danke." - Dieter, Austria

"Service was quick and professional. Wallet is exceptional, the quality of the leather is very high and the stitching is tough and beautiful. Design is better than I had originally been searching for." - Mark, Vancouver

"I can't recommend One Star's work highly enough, not to mentioned the amazing responsiveness and customer service! My custom leather order is of the absolute highest quality - the level of the workmanship, attention to detail, thoughtful design, tactile quality, etc. are all unparalleled. One of my favorite Etsy purchases ever (out of the hundreds of things I've bought), and I look forward to using this item every day for a very long time! Thank you!!" - Valerie, New York

I can’t find the words to recommend and praise how high of quality this belt is. Wonderful craftsmanship, at amazing prices.
— Joshua, Texas


"I am blown away by the quality of my new belt. The weight, fit, finish, feel. It's beautiful!" - Brent, Michigan

"There's just no comparison between this quality handmade belt and mass produced, brand name stuff. I will order all my leather goods from One Star Leather from now on. The customer service was excellent as well. He's very quick on the replies and gets all the details of your order exactly as you request it."
- Matthew, New Jersey

"Excellent in every way! Quality materials. Excellent construction. Reasonable price. Best value I have found in a casual belt. And an A+ for customer service/experience. This is definitely where I'll buy my nest casual belt." - Dominic, Arkansas

"This belt just became my favorite belt. It's stiff enough to feel solid, but still soft enough to move easily with me. Loved that I could pick my buckle and order extra buckles. Will definitely purchase more!" - Weston, Virginia

The notebook cover is gorgeous, smells lovely and is made with care. Absolutely perfect. I’m already thinking of getting another.
— Grace, Oregon


"Very responsive and easy to work with, and this is the best-designed Field Notes cover I've seen on Etsy. Three thumbs up. " -Joe, Arkansas

"The way the leather tans is amazing, I have bought natural leather from other sellers but they don't compare One Stars Leather." - Nathan, Arizona

"Absolutely love this leather cover for my Baron Fig notebook! Thanks to Keegan for all the back and forth conversation to make sure I had the right custom order. This also showed up earlier than anticipated, which really brightened my day. The quality is wonderful - when I see how well the cover is getting worn, it really makes me happy I got a nice cover for my well traveled notebook." - Jocelyn, Washington

"Very impressed with the quality of this product. The leather is amazing and it's so well made, amazing craftsmanship. I bought this for a gift and have already ordered a second for myself. I highly recommend One Star Leather and I'll be back time and again for my leather goods." - Gayle, New Zealand


"Stunning piece of shell cordovan that really makes a stellar sheath. Little to no maintenance required, and develops an excellent wear over the time it spends in your pocket. If you're looking for a great pocket slip for knives, your search has officially ended here!" - Andrew, Georgia


"Fantastic watch band. I was unsure about the colour working with the watch I purchased it for, but they look great together. Very well made using top materials. Thanks." - Robert, Australia


"I used this on my wallet and also on my roughed up leather boots, and it really does wonders! I'm looking forward to using it on the rest of my leather goods." - Alima, New York

"Great stuff!! A little goes a long way ." - Ciaran, Northern Ireland