We're not George Castanza wallet people. We make slim, durable, functional wallets.
For wallet/notebook combos, see the Park Slopers


This is our take on the traditional billfold. A large bills pocket in the back, 2 card slots on each side plus two hidden pockets behind them. If you absolutely must go George Costanza, this one can handle it--see final three pictures in the gallery.

With Horween Shell Cordovan exterior: $175
Full shell cordovan: $235

Contact me to inquire about available shell cordovan colors. 

Dimensions: 8.5cm x 10.75cm closed, 8.5cm x 21.5cm open

See video below for a closer look.


This wallet is targeted at women who toss it in a purse or bag. My wife carries this wallet and loves it. The card slots are meant to hold 1 or 2 cards each. Bills fit in the partially open pocket perfectly. The right side is fully stitched closed for receipts or other cards. Snap closure.

Dimensions: 18cm x 18cm open, 18cm x 9cm closed


I designed this wallet for myself in 2013, and it is still my favorite. I prefer it over the vertical (below) because U.S. bills tuck perfectly away behind the cards and when the wallet is closed the cards are securely locked in. I've carried all my wallets, but I return to this one again and again.

Two horizontal card slots on either side hold 1-3 cards each (more if desired after break-in), with two larger pockets behind them for bills, business cards or whathaveyous. U.S. bills folded in half fit perfectly and the partially open top means easy access.

With Horween Shell Cordovan exterior: $135
Full shell cordovan: $195

Contact me to inquire about available shell cordovan colors. 

Dimensions: 8cm x 10cm closed, 10cm x 16cm open, and 1cm thick closed and empty.

I have been collecting wallets for years... this is the wallet I have been looking for. The best card & cash wallet ever made. You can get to everything so easily. This is the best wallet out of the last 50 I have bought. Thanks ONE STAR LEATHER!
— Kenneth, Texas


The same storage space as the 6 Horizontal (above), but with cards sitting vertically. Card slots will hold 1-3 cards (more if desired after break-in). Two matching larger pockets behind them for bills, business cards, etc. U.S. bills fit folded once, and the wallet is sized so that when you fold it in half you won't crinkle your money. 

With Horween Shell Cordovan exterior: $135
Full shell cordovan: $195

Contact me to inquire about available shell cordovan colors. 

Dimensions: 8cm x 11cm closed, 11cm x 16cm open

CARD WALLET, 2 or 3 POCKETS - $50, $60

For the person who loves cards and travels light. This is sized for business and credit cards specifically.

Each pocket can hold 2-8+ cards and will mold to what you stuff into it. U.S. bills will fit but they'll need to be folded twice to fit in the pockets. Many people simply keep loose cash folded once in the middle when the wallet is closed. 

If you choose to add a third pocket on the exterior the price is $60. 

I can make this in Horween shell cordovan for $85/$95. Contact me to inquire about available colors. 

Dimensions: about 7cm x 10cm closed, 14cm x 10cm open, 1cm thick when closed and empty. 


A friend of mine was looking for something she could take out for a night of dancing and "tuck anywhere," so we tag-teamed this design. It's built to hold just the essentials: a card or two (although 10+ cards will fit once broken in), with a rear flap to tuck bills or receipts. All in a small, slim package. 

Because this is meant to be as thin as possible, I make it only in thin leathers.

This item is not regularly stocked, but I am happy to make it for you.

Dimensions: about 11cm x 7cm


This is a very popular, minimalist design. Each pocket can hold 2-8+ cards, it will break-in to hold whatever you stuff it with. Bills will fit but they'll need to be folded twice. This one pairs well with a money clip or loose cash. It is symmetrical on the front and back with a third pocket in the middle. 

I make these from thin leathers for the thinnest package possible: Hermann Oak bridle leather and Horween horsehides.

Dimensions: about 6.5cm x 10cm


A small, compact pouch for coins or business cards, or even to use as a wallet. A wide mouth means its easy to find the change you're looking for. A subtle curve on top means its easy to extract business cards. Solid brass snap closure. When closed your stuff is secure, even small coins will not fall out. It will easily hold over a dozen credit cards or more as it breaks in.

A make these from thick, luxurious Horween leathers. 

Dimensions: about 6cm x 10.5cm closed


Often copied but never duplicated. This is the original Minimalist. Over the years since I first created it I've seen many other people take this exact design as their own. I'm flattered.

Sized for business cards and credit cards. You can fit 8-10+ cards once it breaks in. Available in an assortment of leathers.  

Dimensions: about 6.5cm x 10cm