Top quality leather ages gracefully. Each piece becomes unique through its use and the habits of its owner.

The leather picks up oil from your skin and ice cream from your first date and dirt from your hiking trip. The leather evolves with you and attains a unique look, testament to the hell you've put it through. 

Email me your photos of your One Star Goods worn and wonderful and I will add them here. 


The tale of what this wallet has been through is so good, I had to feature it.

This is a Park Sloper Junior wallet/notebook/pen made from Horween black Chromexcel. 

I met Kyle, its owner, at a local show and got to see this beauty first hand. Kyle had two great stories about its durability: first of all, this Park Sloper Junior had been run over by a car. You can see the pen cap that was flattened in this first ordeal.

Later, this wallet was lost on a hiking trip in the mountains for more than a week. It was subsequently returned to the ranger station and made its way back to Kyle.

Who knows what sort of incredible things it encountered alone in the mountains! Amazing, thanks Kyle.

Below is a gallery of other great shots. Keep the submissions coming.